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  • There is an old adage that says there are two ways to make wealth: earn more and save even more. Don't get mistaken, the goal of this article is not to make you an overnight millionaire. Making you a millionaire fall outside the purview of this article; the goal this article is rather a simple one: how to live comfortably, particularly, during the time of recession.

  • Saving that extra pound seems all the rage now, with the economic downturn. Utilities and electricity bills in particular, provide a fine avenue for wriggling out those pennies. To save money on the electricity bill, one does not have to sacrifice a lot, but it mostly involve adopting a new routine and habits, such as switching off electrical appliances when they are not being used or reading your meter regularly. By reading the meter, you avoid being billed for electricity that you haven't used through estimates that many utility companies resort to periodically.

  • If you are tech savvy then it is advisable that you should go for a broadband internet connection. Even if you are a normal guy who doesn't know any technical jargon about internet still if you go for a broadband connection you will come across different technological advantages which are really necessary for better communication.

  • If you want to sit behind a steering wheel, you have got to take out car insurance, there is no escaping that. So, you should know the tricks and tips to get the best deal from insurance company. When you go for a deal, haggle as much as you can for getting lower rates and make it very apparent that you would not mind at all to switch insurers, but never try to compromise the extent of insurance coverage as it may become really costly should you face an accident and have an insufficient cover.

  • If one is searching for cheap mortgage then surely he/she needs to look for the best deal on the internet. As nowadays it is possible to compare different deals on the internet websites. It is really a boon for those who really think twice before going through any real estate deal. With just one click, you will have tens of different mortgage lenders who are ready to offer their services.

  • We all know about the value of a life insurance cover. The term insurance means the replacement cost which the life insurance company would give your family in case you lose your life. This sum would help the family replace your income and fulfill their financial obligations.

  • You have to remain connected in order to survive in today's world of cutthroat competition, but, why only talk of competition and career? Each one of us needs to remain in the loop simply to keep up with our friends and members of the inner circle. The need for communication can never be overemphasised, but the telephone bill that comes to haunt us every month end does give us a few shivers and most of us accept it as fait accompli.

  • Many of the economists including bankers are shocked at the Government's decision to implement a zero-percent rate regime. This is being done to provide liquidity in the system and boost the stock market, bond market and real estate market. This is equivalent to printing currency with the Bank of England which is doling out billions of extra money.

  • Credit cards are very handy when you want to meet emergency expenses but are low on cash. They are useful when making purchases online at the convenience of your home. They are also safer when compared to carrying cash when travelling. But the convenience comes with a price; not only are the interest rates high on credit cards but there can be hidden charges too. Here are a few tips on how to save money on credit cards.

  • For cashback, some people are quite familiar, while others do not. The key lies in the credit card. Most cashbacks are realized with it. The process is simple. After you purchase something with a credit card, the issuer will return you a small amount as a reward or encouragement for you to use their credit card.

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